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The mountain cottage KOCMID – is a stylish reconstructed half wooden cottage (address: no. 82 Sedlonov) and is situated near the end of the village of Sedlonov on the left side behind a creek and before the steep right-hand bend (direction of arrival from a town Dobruska via Bacetin-Bystre to Sedlonov). For further details concerning the location of the cottage, please click on the map.

On the ground floor you will go through a porch and an entrance hall to a large kitchen with a big rustic table with seating for up to ten people. The table is perfect for a food service as well as for various board games. After an agreement you can use the cooling and filling machine for a keg beer, we will even deliver the brand of your choice!!!

The kitchen is equipped with new kitchen unit, pots, pans, flatware and silverware as well as new appliances including, two combined cookers, a dishwasher, a microwave oven, a kettle, a coffee maker, a toaster and other kitchen appliances. There are also two 50 liter refrigerators and a freezer.

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The adjoining lounge is equipped with two wooden coffee tables along with two large upholstered sitting suites, a colour TV with satellite. Equipment of the room also includes a DVD player, a 40 W Mini system with a CD and CD-RW player with USB port. The lounge is covered in heavy-duty carpet. The lounge leads into an outbuilding with a ping-pong table (we recommend you bring your own paddles and balls), or you can make arrangements to park your car there.

There is a bathroom on the ground floor (as well as two in an attic), besides the regular equipment, there is also a washing machine. This is something parents with small children will certainly appreciate.

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On the ground floor there is also one double bedroom equipped with stylish historical furniture. (There is an additional room on the main floor that is used by the property management - but he does not reside in there). And finally the original wooden staircase leads you to a large attic with four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

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The attic is dominated by a large room with one double bed, two single beds and one extra bed, and separate bathroom. There is also one four person bedroom , one three person bedroom with a baby cot, and one double bedroom. The second attic bathroom is accessible from the hallway. Both bedrooms meet the mostdiscerningof tastes. The attic has all been reconstructed and panelled with wood. The stylish combination of the boarding and wooden furniture will certainly impress all discerning visitors. All rooms are completely equipped with all your bedding needs, wardrobes and cabinets, as well as numerous shelves and a lightning.

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The cottage is accessible by car, even in winter without any problems, though snow tires will be required. For the road to Destne in The Orlicke Hory (The Eagle Mountains) tire chains should be used on windy days. The property has enough parking available for up to six full sized cars. The cottage is heated by a central heating system; an electric boiler is used in combination with the radiator in the attic to ensure the upmost comfort.

In the summer time visitors will appreciate the outdoor sitting area with a place for barbecuing and a portable grill. Children can enjoy a big wooden swing, a trampoline and a sand-box with toys. Behind the cottage is a turf field with an adjustable net for volleyball, badminton, and goal to play soccer. The plot is lined by a thick hedge of pine trees, which ensures sufficient privacy.

The mountain stream that runs through the plot supplies a private pond (25x22 m) located 40 m from the cottage. There is also a paddling-pool with filtered water (900 mm depth, 3.66 m diameter).

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